Handheld amateur radio

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A great portable ham radio is the single best civilian option for emergency communication. This review covers the best models and tips for features and accessories. You sacrifice power, range, and advanced capabilities, but the tradeoff is worth it for this role. Other ham guides:. HTs work on the VHF and UHF bands, which can make contacts at short and medium distances — about 1 to 40 miles, depending on your elevation and surrounding terrain.

Portable operation (amateur radio)

Best handheld ham radios – The Prepared

Amateur radio operators take part in portable operations using radio equipment when traveling. A portable station can be anything from a small QRP Low Power radio and antenna, to a large transceiver. On long-distance expeditions, such equipment allows them to report progress, arrivals and sometimes exchanging safety messages along the way. The main disadvantage is normally the power supply available. A popular pastime for portable operation is the Summits on the Air programme, part of which involves portable operation from a worldwide list of over 73, summits. Some countries allow the direct connection of amateur transceivers to telephone lines called "phone patching".

Best handheld ham radios

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