How to make your own speculum

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Nothing unites those of us with vaginas like the universal hatred of a Pap smear. But shifts in gynecological practice are allowing vagina owners to take parts of the procedure into their own hands — quite literally. I experienced this myself last May while visiting my local Planned Parenthood for an annual exam and Pap smear. Lying on the exam table, I could feel my heart racing as the practitioner assembled a range of plastic tools on a metal tray. I sat up, confused. The practitioner explained she had been offering all patients the option to insert speculums themselves, a gesture that conveyed her respect for their autonomy and self-knowledge.

Self-Exam: The Cervix Close-Up

Why No One Can Design a Better Speculum - The Atlantic

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How to Perform a Vaginal Self-Exam

Bend your knees and place your feet wide apart. Different styles of speculums work slightly differently, but all have two bills and a handle. Use the lever to open the bills until the lock clicks. Be sure to figure out how to release the lock before you insert it. Put lubricant on the speculum or your vulva.
Most of us who have a cervix have no idea what a healthy cervix looks like and most of us have never seen what our own cervix looks like. A cervical self-exam is an opportunity to see parts of your anatomy you may have never seen before! Using a few easy to access tools and follow some simple precautions, you can easily conduct your own inspection of your cervix. A cervical self-exam if mostly about exploring and discovering your own body.