Witcher 3 fencing lessons

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You will receive this quest after fencing with Rosa during the Broken Flowers main quest. She'll ask you to come back to her the next day and give her another fencing lesson. Geralt had learned that Rosa var Attre was a passionate devotee of the art of swordplay. The fencing lesson Geralt had given her while searching for yours truly had thrilled her to the core - and left her asking the witcher if they could meet again for a repeat. Geralt had plenty of experience teaching young women with fiery personalities how to swing swords and so agreed.

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Despite its complex lore and extensive source material, the premise of The Witcher 3 is strikingly simple: Find Ciri. What begins as a simple rescue mission trickles down into pulpy sub-stories that flesh out everything from family dramas, to political intrigue, to military strife, and even some high romance. In one particularly divergent quest tree, the monster-hunter protagonist Geralt comes across the path of an old friend, Dandelion, who was apparently the last to encounter Ciri. But Dandelion has also gone missing—just our luck—and Geralt discovers that the only way to find him will be to rendezvous with and interrogate his most recent romantic interests. This leads us to Rosa Var Attre, a young bourgeois woman who agrees to share details about Dandelion if Geralt will indulge her in a quick fencing match. One swordfight later, and Geralt finally has the information he needs to help find Dandelion.

Let’s talk about Rosa Var Attre, the impossible romance of The Witcher 3

Important: if the first part of the quest isn't completed by the time The Isle of Mists is started, it will fail. After fencing with Rosa during the quest Broken Flowers , return to the var Attre villa and say "Due to meet Rosa" to the guard captain at the door. He will inform you that Rosa went to the Temple Bridge and asked you to join her there, earning Upon meeting with Rosa, she'll show disdain at having a guard accompanying her, but manages to send him off and asks you to follow her.
However, for the fulfillment of this mission, like any other in Witcher , the character will receive additional gaming experience and will be pumped faster. The advantage over opponents even in the level is always good. Contrary to the players' expectations, the romance with Rosa Varr Attre will not work, and then you will find out why.