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Sector experts believe that because of potential threat of contracting with the Coronavirus, people may avoid group engagement activities such as watching films in theatre for a long time. Considering this fact, producers are releasing films slated to be released in theatres on streaming platforms. The animation services market in continued to be dominated by outsourced projects from television and film sectors. But makers of "American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story" have put his commitment towards the social and cultural landscape in the spotlight in the forthcoming docu-series. Directed by Amole Gupte, Sniff is a spy-superhero film, which will release on May 5. Eros will reserve full rights to exploit, publish and market the game designed for the film.

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When plotted on a graph, the curve of Bhutan's Covid vaccination drive shoots upwards from the very first day. So far, three rhino calves have died in the past one year -- two of them this year. Installing superior quality basketball hoops at your home means more fun and game time. Easy to install, these basketball hoops are ideal for indoor and outdoor gameplay.

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Kathua rape case: Juvenile' accused to be tried as adult. Juvenile board orders teen to be tried as adult in rape case. Inside story: How male prostitutes in Bengaluru are hired.
Sign in Hi, Sign out. Home India News Cities. Surprisingly, a Smart City like Chandigarh does not have community homes offering long-term assisted living for those with mental disorders. Educationist Shivani Wazir Pasrich picks five books that will keep your to year-olds occupied. Healthy social relationships and connections have found to be beneficial and a booster for adults.