Being a stepmom sucks

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The children are angry and vulnerable, the father sides with them out of guilt, and stepmothers are just expected to suck it all up. I have been reading a book that contains some surprising information about stepmothers. They are not necessarily wicked, after all. For wickedness is the role they are assigned, according to Stepmonster by Wednesday Martin. This is due to the inheritance of myth and fairytale, but also the pressures of the situation in which they are required to survive.

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I sobbed and sobbed while watching and re-watching that video. I have been a stepmom for four years, and I absolutely do not see that kind of collaboration in my future. Honestly, I hardly see myself being included in big things like weddings and the birth of future grandkids. She could be an Olympic gold medalist with very little additional training. The one time I sent her an email to refute ridiculous accusations she had emailed directly to me she threatened to file an injunction against me if I attempted to contact her again.


Being a stepmom for twelve years now has taught me so much about parenting, myself, and just life in general. Just like there are many things people need to consider before dating a man with kids , there are some rather brutal truths that I had never considered about what it means to be a stepmom that I thought I would share. This can cause a lot of stepmoms to feel defensive, and I totally get it. I was one of them at one point. It just means it is different.
I woke up this morning and I am just depressed. I hate being a stepmother. I hate being last on the list taking care of everyone. I hate not being able to voice my feelings and opinions without everyone being mad at me. I hate having to turn my home upside down for spoiled children I'm tired of being told, its not fun over here, or my mother buys me ehat I want when I want why can't you.