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Adopt and pet the pups, date and pet the humans. We spoke with Calliope Ryder, game runner and marketing human at Starcolt. The game is split between dates and Dog Quality Time DQT , where you train, care for, and schedule activities with your pup to change those stats. Not picking up a poop, for example, will result in a rather unimpressed date, whereas a well-behaved pup is a great wing-dog. The main star of the show is really your puppy, whereas the story is influenced by connections with humans. From a charge nurse who moonlights as a gaming streamer to a giant-dork-wanna-be-P.

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Photo submitted by jalaponese. First off, I feel so bad for you! I thought moving an hour and a half away from my best friend for college was bad! And as far as my advice goes, talk to her, facetime her, skype her as much as possible. You guys are going to be going through very different things. The distance will be hard but if the friendship really matters, nothing can ruin it! Always remember to support each other in any decisions and hard times despite the distance!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Have you heard our soundtrack, by Josie Brechner? You can check it out on Spotify or bandcamp. And I pretty much only play games on the Nintendo Switch Each person in this picture is actually a representation of each person in my bff. The hottest one, he doesn't really socialize with others but he knows how to be cool with anyone.
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