Bizarre sex facts

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But how much do you really know about sex? Here are a handful that may keep you out of the bedroom for a while — or maybe not:. Next, check out some of the most weird sex laws from around the world. Then, learn about tantra , uncover six shocking cases of incest among famous people throughout history. By All That's Interesting.

15 bizarre sex facts actually endorsed by science

15 bizarre sex facts actually endorsed by science – SheKnows

Here at Health , we're always looking at new studies on sex and reaching out to experts for their insight on how to make things healthier and hotter between the sheets. Sometimes, however, our research into the topic turns up some pretty weird stuff. Not weird in a bad way, of course—more like weird as in surprising, funny, and OMG I had no effing idea. In the interest of keeping you totally informed about sex, love, attraction, and sexual health , we're sharing some of the most who knew? Use these bits of sexual info to boost your bedroom knowledge and pleasure.

10 Totally Weird Sex Facts

One ejaculation represents a data transfer of 15, GB, equivalent to the combined capacity of 62 MacBook Pro laptops. By the time you've finished saying it, it's too late. They were each then shown pictures of five women with varying breast sizes and asked to rate their attractiveness.
Dog owners hit the sack more than cat owners, according to a detailed study of 1, pet owners carried out by VetPlus. Dog owners reported having sex three times a week while cat owners only had sex twice a week they were also more likely to live with their parents — which may well have something to do with it! More: Your kinky desires are totally normal, says study.