Having sex with donkey

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Photo: Girish Gupta Tierra Baja, Cartagena, Colombia—Farmers on the outskirts of a pretty Colombian coastal town are supplementing their income by allowing locals to have sex with donkeys. Locals claim it is a harmless tradition. In one farm-cum-donkey-brothel in Tierra Baja, on the outskirts of Cartagena, Carlos, 25, explained how normal the practice was and that he and his friends regularly sleep with donkeys. It is seen as a substitute for masturbation by the men who claim that while it is not preferable to a woman, it is a very different sensation. Condoms are discouraged as they may irritate the donkeys which not used to latex.

Porn video showed person having sex with dog, horse, donkey and snake - man spared jailed

Men on Colombian coast enjoying sex with donkeys - Girish Gupta

Everett Compton, 49, allegedly told officers he did "sick things" when he smoked marijuana. A man was allegedly caught on camera having sex with a family's pet donkey - after initially claiming he was simply feeding the animal carrots. CCTV apparently shows Everett Compton, 49, stroking a donkey in the dark at the family's home in the early hours of the morning last month. Compton, who was allegedly filmed having sex with a donkey in other footage, was arrested and charged with bestiality after the family called in police. Police in Siloam Springs found Compton hiding in the bushes just after 1.


Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. Swiss cops have shared a video of pretending to have sex with a donkey as part of a campaign to fight against children sharing the same type of illegal footage. The campaign that originated with cops in the northern Swiss city of Winterthur is meant to warn youngsters that sharing scenes of bestiality or indeed any scenes of illegal activities could make the person possessing them punishable by law. It then cuts to the video being viewed on a mobile phone before jail bars cut through the screen. Swiss police STAPO cooperated with the Swiss crime prevention organisation for the initiative that they argued was necessary in order to prevent the spreading of such material.
While driving through Colombia last year, I encountered a man who was making love to a donkey. Now I know the programme that I make for Amazon is supposed to be a car show, but I thought the donkey story was interesting. So we broke out the cameras and filmed one of the men making the two-backed beast with Eeyore. And then we spoke to his mates, who were at pains to point out that they only had sex with the female donkeys,. Subscription Notification.