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In an hscene the selected chara is the one that is closest. I found one, but the game doesnt detect it, so I thought that you could help me. Too bad honey select can no longer be downloaded. Conditions: Place the included folders into your game directory and overwrite when asked. Honey Select Mods. Fixed Blend Shapes becoming dirty if the user changed the facial expression while the Blend Shape menu was opened.

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Honey Select – Character Card Sharing Thread

The game was released on September 9 …. Send me PM. But if you already got unlocked character you have to wait till next month! If I get more and more support on Patreon I'll spend more time on creating sexy content and making HoneySelect character cards! Hi Jeong, thank you!
Honey Select 2 [ edit ]. Install Guide. If you can't seem to fix your issue, visit the hs2-help channel on the IllusionSoft Discord server read the pinned messages before ask questions. Note that if you just want to get the game working it might be easiest to install HF Patch unless you are using repacks. Honey Select 1 and Honey Select 2 have a similar gameplay, with HS2 having some more options in your room , an improved girls feeling system and about positions ingame.