How to make your pecs bounce

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The pecs are one of the most sought out muscles that most guys target. If you go to the gym you will see most guys training chest. This is for a couple reasons. First, the pecs are very visible in a t-shirt so most guys want to develop their pecs.

Bounce Pecs

2 Easy Ways to Bounce Pecs (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Pec bouncing is the ability to repetitively flex your pectoral muscles with enough force to generate marked spasms or contractions. It is often used as a way to ostentatiously display masculinity and muscle strength. However, not everyone is capable of bouncing their pecs. In order to bounce your pecs, you need to strengthen your chest muscles and use effective and practical procedures.

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Alright, you don't need to bounce your pecs. It serves no muscle-building or fitness-related purpose, and even if you're on a competitive bodybuilding stage, chances are the judges won't ask you to make your chest dance. But there is one very worthwhile reason to do a pec bounce: Because it's fun. And if you can't have a little fun with your hard-earned results, what's the point of working out, anyway?