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Lust Gallery | Widewalls

While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our listings, events may be postponed or cancelled without notice. Please confirm with the organizer before making any plans. Photo: Public Domain. Established in , the Lust Gallery is a collaboration of American artist Max Lust and his grandfather Herbert Lust and showcases the family collection featuring artists such as Hans Bellmer and Alberto Giacometti as well as upcoming artists. The white-washed walls are ideal for the Installation art exhibits and other frames as it draws your attention towards the art pieces without any distractions.

#vaporfolk #hollyvoodoo @Lust Gallery

The internet tribe abandoned the global village when it started to resemble a shopping mall. After the digital natives were promised that their new ideas would lead to fame and success on global markets, they are now confronted with totalitarian networks and corporate structures. Consequently they turned their heads away from the screen. Facebook owns the copyrights to their ideas, shared infinitely to ultimately disappear in the clouds.
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