Monster girl quest: paradox

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Weapons of all kinds can be found scattered throughout Paradox - sometimes received as rewards, traded for or even created through Synthesis. Listed below you will find the key characteristics of each weapon type:. A tool originally designed for threshing, but is surprisingly powerful and far-reaching as a weapon. Weapons obtained during the Collaboration Scenario have extensive and powerful effects, but can only be equipped by the characters they're designed for. Although very unlikely, these weapons can also be obtained, as well as enhanced, inside the Labyrinth of Chaos. Similar to other unique or key items without a gold value, they cannot be sold to vendors.

Paradox/Main Quest

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Every companion and enemy in the game has a variety of stats that can be modified for different benefits. HP - Every character has a maximum amount of hit points, or HP, they can have at any given time. Every time a character takes a hit, they lose hit points. Once they reach zero, the character is defeated and cannot make anymore moves except for abilities that activate upon death or until they are revived.

Paradox/Skills and Abilities

This guide covers both the main storyline and side quests of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox , up to the end of part 2. For the Collab that was introduced in version 2. Unless you're on Paradox difficulty pre When low on HP, head to the spring in the center to rest up. When you feel like you can take on 3 slimes safely, head to the top.
Companions in Paradox unlock new skills and abilities as they level up Jobs and Races. Skills are used in combat but only if the character has that skill type enabled through means like Jobs, Races, Accessories , Unique Traits and Abilities. For example, If Lime learns White Magic as a Priest and then switches to a Merchant, she keeps the skills she learned but can't use them again unless she switches to a job that can use White Magic like Priest or a race like Heal Slime or equips the Scroll of White Magic.