Morph sex

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The coexistence of discrete morphs within a species, with one morph more conspicuous than the other s is often thought to result from both sexual selection and predation. In many damselflies, sexual dimorphism occurs jointly with multiple female colour morphs. Typically, one morph is coloured like the male andromorph , while the other s is not gynomorph s. The mechanisms contributing to the maintenance of such female polymorphism in damselflies remain poorly understood, especially the role of predation. We tested the detectability of two different female colour morphs of the damselfly, Enallagma cyathigerum , using human observers as model predators; andromorphs were detected more frequently than gynomorphs.

In polymorphic species of animals, colour morphs may show alternative physiological properties, and hence evolve or be maintained as an indirect response to selection exerted on these physiological attributes. In this study, we investigated if different colour morphs white, red and yellow of the polymorphic common wall lizard differed in their physiological responses to a long-term stress by determining variation between capture and release in leukocytes profiles, haemoparasite loads and body condition of male and females maintained in captivity throughout the breeding season. We found that most blood parameters of lizards varied significantly following captivity, and this variation was sex-, morph- and size-dependent. In particular, the heterophil:lymphocyte ratio H:L , a sensitive measure of immunodepression and long-term stress, varied significantly among yellow females, larger individuals significantly increasing and smaller individuals decreasing their H:L ratio after captivity. This trend was reversed in red females, where smaller individuals presented raised H:L index at release.

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