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By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. More info in our cookie policy page. Questions regarding demographics, strategy, obstacles, and future investments were used to get a snapshot of the industry as it currently stands, and to examine what contact centre professionals are planning for the year ahead. Artificial Intelligence is a technology which has been growing exponentially, both in its development and in its mounting implementations. It no longer seems such an abstract concept, or one better suited to clinical rooms and metallic-clad cyborgs on the silver screen. In fact, Artificial Intelligence seems to be finding its place in contact centres, one of the staples of everyday business.

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When vulnerable citizens dare to bear witness by naming perpetrators, their crimes, and their victims, the sensitive identifying information about those witnesses must be protected. Since then, we've published a blogpost about it and fielded a few recurring questions. Here they are, along with our responses. Do your findings still apply given that PredPol uses crime reports rather than arrests as training data? Because this article was meant for an audience that is not necessarily well-versed in criminal justice data and we were under a strict word limit, we simplified language in describing the data. Learning a Modular, Auditable and Reproducible Workflow The modular nature of the workflow and use of Git allowed us to work on different parts of the project from across the country. Covid Research and Resources HRDAG is identifying and interpreting the best science we can find to shed light on the global crisis brought on by the novel coronavirus, about which we still know so little.

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