Netflix movies with nudity

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What makes an effective sex scene? Well, it's as much about what the filmmaker chooses not to reveal as what they do show the viewer. Sure, porn will give you all of the body parts doing all of the things, but when it comes to watching a movie of the non-adult variety , there's a lot to be said about the framing and context of the act. Watching a slow-burn build to a boil between two characters with incredible chemistry , until they can't take it any more and simply must have each other?

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Skip navigation! Story from Best of Netflix. Pausing on Ryan Phillippe's butt in Cruel Intentions might have once been the most illicit action you could take while watching a movie at home, but Netflix is here to turn that PG moment into something a little more R-rated. Netflix occasionally hosts big-budget barely disguised softcore films think Fifty Shades of Grey and the like , but it also has many more of not-safe-to-watch-with-your- parents titles hiding in plain sight. In fact, the streaming service has a pretty robust offering of steamy, erotic, and otherwise not-PG movies. And because of the extremely problematic power dynamics in DNI that inspired us to search for what else is out there, we've now realized that there is plenty of barely disguised porn that will make your alone time a lot more exciting.

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Because, for too long, female desire and pleasure have been stigmatised and brushed under the carpet. Bound is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video. In this erotic feminist satire, Elaine Samantha Robinson whips up spells and potions in her gothic apartment, then picks up men and seduces them. Her spells work just a little too well, though, and she soon ends up with a string of hapless victims to dispose of.
Sorry for the visual, but I said what I said. Luckily, there have been major strides in porn alternatives for women since it first hit the scene in the 90s. Audio porn! Erotic novels!