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You will face different enemies that take on the form of girls clad in limited clothing. The game 's indie developers, Winged Cloud, boasts of different audio clips of moaning totaling up to over tracks. To help conquer tasks, you can also get allies that will be up for hire. There are other skins that you may only acquire through online purchasing, such as a school outfit, a hairstyle pack, and more.

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Sakura Clicker is a fast-paced, exciting adventure, in which you defeat your foes with the power of your mouse. The battle never ends as you fight a horde of enemies, each one more powerful than the last as they attempt to impede your path. As you earn gold from slaying your foes, you can purchase and outfit your hero with a variety of costumes. Sakura Clicker requires This game is created by Winged Cloud and available free of charge.

Sakura Clicker

Sakura Clicker is a free-to-play anime clicker game for single player, set on the verge of eroticism, with twiddling eye-candy girls who are almost naked when engaging into fights. It is the latest entry in the Sakura series and is more action-packed than ever before. Sakura Clickers is a fast-paced, exciting anime adventure, full of content in which you defeat your foes with the power of your mouse. You can turn all these desires or your rage into clicks until you find more interesting things to do in life. The only known available version of this game is accessible via Steam and is not DRM-free.
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