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Just to clarify where exactly is the nude beach on Cayo Largo as we found they were right next to and part of the beach on Playa Blanca. We were also told by those at the Sol Cayo Largo that they had nudists on part of their beach. So is there not one spot for them? Are all the beaches allowing nudity? It certainly limited the beach at Playa Blanca, one day the only spots available were on the other side of the bar and there was just no way we were heading that way, it was difficult enough having them walk up and down in front of you, come up to the bar to get drinks and one made who seemed to enjoy walking right up, slowly while facing the people on the beach and then heading up the stairs into the resort before putting some clothing on. They likely gave themselves those liberties because the resort was quiet.

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There is a section at the Pelicano far end of their beach for nude sunbathing. All of the resorts have areas where you can enjoy an all over tan. It's hard to pick the "best", due to the continual remodelling of the beach that happens in Cayo Largo. A large section of Capricho Beach just to the west of Playa Blanca too.

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I attempted just to ignore this thread but can't. My wife and I have been nudists since we were teenagers. It is out experience that the majority of nudist not all we encounter are respectful of others. For them it does not matter what a person looks like as they are interested in the inner person and not if they are large, small, young, old, etc. They like confident people who like others for who they are and not their appearance.
Our August vacation back to Cayo Largo was cancelled by Hola Sun as the planes have been grounded since the plane crash in Havana recently. We were wondering if there is any hotels in Cayo Coco that offer nude beach area? Thank you.