Supergirl vs wonder woman

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Supergirl for some reason is just as strong as Superman but, she doesn't hold herself back, because she wasn't raised by humans. She didn't learn to be gentle with humans. Wonder Woman isn't as strong, but she can regularly with the combination of her strength and skill outfight Batman. There has not been any indication thus far that she is anywhere in Wonder Woman's fighting class. Wonder Woman would win this fight.

First Look: Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl | DC

I have been an online writer for more than 6 years. I write about food, finance, comic book stuff, and family. What if Wonder Woman Diana and Supergirl Kara Zor-El were to fight for some strange reason, be it mind control spores, manipulation, or some magical influence? Who would win the fight?

Supergirl vs Wonder Woman

It's safe to say that without Wonder Woman , superhero comics would look very different. In a world dominated by male superheroes, Wonder Woman burst onto the scene and showed people that women were equally capable of being superheroes. She quickly became a part of the DC Comics' Big Three and is one of the most formidable superheroes around. Supergirl may have debuted later than Wonder Woman, but she's no less important in the pantheon of superheroes. Superman 's younger cousin, she was one of the first female teen superheroes to get the spotlight and fans loved her.
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