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When the results of the elections were final, and the new president elect named, chills spread through much of the literary and book loving world. For many YA writers, despair meant that writing became a chore, something that at times felt hopeless and challenging in the forthcoming reality of America. What could they say that would mean something in two or three years, deep into this presidency? What stories or themes were worth taking on at this crucial point in American history?

Major Trends in Children's & Young Adult Literature

The future of YA (part 1) | changing trends and mainstream books – Weird Zeal

So this post is coming a little later — and a little different — than I originally intended, but here it is nonetheless! The market is constantly evolving, perhaps faster than any other age category. Everyone has heard of these books. Regardless of your opinions on any of them, there is no denying that these books have become part of the fabric of pop culture within the last few decades. People who have never even read them know what a Muggle is, or have heard of Team Edward vs.

Glance unveils the latest trends among young adults

Young readers now have screens and devices constantly competing for their attention, but they are still interested in reading engaging, well-written books. Graphic novels have experienced huge growth particularly in the US over the past five years, particularly when contrasted against the rest of the market which has been flat, Annabel says. We've seen gradual growth at the moment, but eventually it will probably take off more than we think.
Watching trends in young adult books is one of my favorite things to do. I keep a faithful eye on bestseller lists and industry publications to follow popular trends in YA books throughout the year. YA book trends have changed so much since I started blogging back in